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[sticky post] For those who wanted to download scanlation

Please read the following request from me before send me a friend request

  1. There is a chance that the artist will contact me and I WILL put down the post. So I will trust you to NOT share it anywhere else because that will destroy the whole point of me putting down the post.

  2. DO NOT REPOST MY WORK. This is not a negotiation. The fandom isn't that big and I WILL find out if you do

  3. If you want to rescanlate stuff please let me know first. I will help you with the scanlate.

  4. If you have doujins and want me to translate feel free to contact me. But don't expect me to be fast. My japanese isn't that great and I am also a full time student. Real life stuff is my priority

  5. Be nice and I will be nice back. I may sound intimidating but trust me I am not. Feel free to question me about anything.


Now enjoy!

Next Project: Lost Man

Title: Lost
Circle: 3T
Pairing: KagaKuro
Because of an accident, Kagami lost some of his memories. Including how he and Kuroko are dating.
Comment from me:
Of all the doujin by 3T, I love this one the most. This is the one that I really want to do since the moment I bought it from the doujin shop in Japan. I am still in the process of scanning it so I still have no idea when will it be done.

Holy shit I finally made one haha

I will be posting my fics, my scanlations and several other translation here



This is a blog for thebasketballdiots (also known as whitehiganbana)' scanlation and also some art and fics. Please read all the RULES before sending friend request. If you want to contribute or help my please do send me a message.

You can also help me fund the scanlation by buying anime merchandise here.
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